Medical, Pharmacy and Laboratory

Watco has a dedicated fabrication unit that can apply the latest technology to build the perfect units to suit your own requirements. Our long experience means we design and build so that there are no compromises to look, finish detail or performance.

We are experts on Food Hygiene and Health & Safety, so you know that your installation will conform to national and local regulations.

We work with top designers and suppliers of environmental control systems in Europe. Components are selected for high performance and low maintenance.

Our installers and maintenance staffs are professionals who understand cleanroom discipline and sensitive working environments. Security and confidentiality are respected. With Watco, you can be sure that you are getting a ‘best value solution’ to your needs.


  • Layout and design support
  • Manufacture 
  • Installation
  • Maintenance


– Stainless sinks, tables, and workshops– Ambient storage– Refrigerated storage
– Heaters– Preparation areas– Wash up areas
– Air extraction and filter canopies– Air conditioning– Air quality systems


A comprehensive range of services, top quality components, and workmanship, compliance with legislation and standards, dedicated fitters, proven track record, guaranteed workmanship.